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There has never been a 'single market' in Europe, but a multiplicity of different consumer and business-to-business groupings.

Often these are not defined by national boundaries. Collinson Grant understands how to create the best organisational structure to compete successfully.

Where appropriate, we help managers of pan-European organisations to implement:

  • new approaches to marketing and selling
  • centres of excellence in production and services
  • a single organisational structure with no country-by-country spans of control
  • a reduced number of operating sites and the relocation of functions from one country to another
  • shared services and consistent reporting of performance
  • common ways of managing people
  • redesigned supply chains.

Many of Collinson Grant's clients have a common desire to strengthen local accountability and maximise the returns from a unified business. We have closed manufacturing units in Belgium, France, Germany and Scandinavia, and transferred operations to new countries. In the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland we have helped to expand facilities to cope with increased demand. In Spain we measured the productivity in three printing plants, and assessed the market for new product lines. Our knowledge of local employment law and traditions in many countries allows us to secure change with the minimum of disruption.