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Whether we are learning about your current state or designing something new, we always start with your end user.  Developing a detailed understanding of what users expect and experience when they interact with your business allows you to develop a longstanding relationship built on trust and confidence.

You understand exactly what your users are doing and how they are thinking by walking in their shoes.  Following their experience allows you to assess services and interfaces to imagine a simpler, better, and more delightful future.  You will also gain valuable insight into the business processes and technology you need to fulfil the requirements, efficiently and effectively.

Developing prototypes to test with real users, gather feedback and iterate through different design stages provides valuable insight into the potential reality of any ideas or opportunities. Success in testing leads into scaling the design to fit the business – engaging with the right people throughout your organisation (IT, legal, marketing, sales, operations and logistics/transport).  Spotting and fixing the complex operational and organisational challenges that can stand in the way of providing great experiences is key to success.

Assessing and documenting your user experiences can help to:

  • understand your customers and end users (internal and/or external) better.
  • build personas of your customers to improve business engagement.
  • create user journeys with business specific stories to improve business process.
  • improve the touch points of your services so they become more efficient and engaging.
  • improve multi-channel communications and engagement.​

Typical outputs include:

  • A very clear qualitative and quantitative understanding of your current user experience.
  • Commercial understanding of the outcomes, which allows you to redesign the experience.
  • Prioritised roadmap of what needs to happen to get you from where you are today to where you want to be.
  • Measurement matrix to monitor progress and success.
  • Development plan for the capabilities and culture of your organisation to do all of this.