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No matter how you see digital and its effect on your organisation, you need a plan that begins with the reality of your business objectives.  Digital can fulfil any objective you have, so your ambition and willingness to embrace the art of the possible are the only real obstacles.

Ideas and concepts are often easy to come by, finding the experience and capability that allows you to simplify the complex topic of digital into manageable opportunities is the real challenge.  Using immersive and experiential workshops helps identify the initiatives that will provide the best opportunities for you and your organisation to learn digital at a pace that suits current thinking and capability.  It also gives you the ability to take immediate advantage of any benefits quicker. 

Adopting a collaborative approach helps to quickly create a roadmap for digital adoption that balances investment and change with your organisation's current and future business model. The rapid education and adoption of digital thinking is done while you develop and implement, making it relevant and pragmatic, working for your business today and in the future.

A typical strategic roadmap should help you:

  • Complete a digital project.
  • Change a service proposition.
  • Improve the operating model.
  • Disrupt your industry or sector.
  • Transform a function or your business.

Some of the questions you should aim to answer include:

  • What areas of digital should I focus on - go-to-market strategy versus product/service innovation?
  • What is going to be the biggest risk and benefit to my business?
  • Should I concentrate on improving my current business model, or should I invest in a new digital model?
  • Should I consider disrupting my market or adopting a defensive approach to protect my business?
  • Should I work on multiple small ideas, or invest time and effort in a few larger ones?
  • How robust is my business, can I afford to stand still?

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