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Providing engaging customer service that meets customers' expectations but also satisfies the commercial model of a business is a challenge.

It can be costly and even prohibitive to use your existing methods to respond to ever increasing customer demands.  This is particularly evident in organisations that have multiple contact points for transacting with and servicing customers.

If the technology and data are not in place to support the single customer view or enable customer self-service then complex customer journeys can quickly become labour-intensive to manage and disappointing for customers.  This can be compounded as customers become more 'channel literate' and demanding in their expectations.

You should aim to create engaging customer experiences that use your existing organisational structure and technologies, but provide immediate improvements.  This quick win approach removes immediate pain points and provides insight into the behaviour of customers, employees and business processes.

Through a collaborative design process we then respond to customer needs with better business processes, new technology and digital solutions.

To understand how your customer service function should operate you should consider:

  • Service review and satisfaction auditing.
  • Defining and developing a single customer view.
  • Service design and implementation.
  • Digital transformation - how does customer service sit within my business life cycle?