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Some businesses apply digital technologies so much better than others. Why?  

The careful introduction of digital applications provides significant opportunities to improve performance and reduce costs. But it demands a thorough understanding of the business and a pragmatic use of technology.

No matter how much progress on a digital journey you may have made there is nearly always more you can do to adopt new ways of working, simplify the jargon and provide clarity throughout the business. The optimum benefits arise from transforming day-to-day operations.

Collinson Grant works with managers to develop target operating models, restructure and merge acquisitions, cut costs, restore profitability, introduce lean operations, streamline supply chains and manage people better. We help clients to exploit digital technologies successfully in all aspects of an organisation, not just the consumer facing touch points. Our deep experience and diverse skills help us to achieve successful results in demanding operational situations.

Our ambition is always to create the conditions for a sustained improvement in efficiency and financial performance. Our emphasis is on results and value for money.

Digital insights


Strategy, data and internet of things (IoT)

Engaging experiences

Engaging end user journey's, multi channel approach, user experience and solution design 

Self service

Marketing automation, customer and employee self service, ecommerce

Business optimisation

Operations, manufacturing and future proofing IT

Digitisation for workforce

Organisation transformation, optimised digital workforce, talent acquisition and management

Business globalisation

Working across borders, global product development, market analysis