How we work:

Relationships, networks and contacts

We work with large organisations throughout the UK, mainland Europe and North America. Through our network we know large numbers of executives in both the private and public sectors.  The exceptional relationships that we enjoy with our clients generate the referrals that form the basis of our on-going success.    

As well as advocating Collinson Grant, many of the senior managers we know have come to us seeking permanent or interim work. We can often make introductions for permanent opportunities, but market conditions or a change in individuals’ work preferences may mean that interim assignments are more appropriate.  These individuals add strength and depth to our interim management capability. 

We regularly keep in touch with all our Interim Managers to confirm their availability, and any new expertise gained through an assignment. This allows us to work quickly to find a suitable, experienced manager, and confirm her or his availability.  This speed of response is critical for the many interim assignments that are highly time sensitive. 

We invest time in getting to understand our clients as well as our Interim Managers. Our business succeeds through the long-standing relationships and detailed insights we have of the people we work with.  Our main aim is to continue to build strong relationships that will last.   

We appraise each interim assignment before, during and after completion. We do this to ensure that we match the best interim manager to each assignment, that we understand the changing needs of the client and that we find out what went well and what could have been done better.  By regularly reviewing an assignment we can ensure that the skills of our Interim Managers continue to add value.  And this regular contact allows us to intervene at an early stage if necessary.

The process

Getting results: skills and performance

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