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23 Apr 2014
The increasing popularity of e-cigarettes, which are not covered by the ban on smoking in the workplace, has inevitably raised the question of whether or not employees can use them. The simple answer is that employers are quite entitled to... Read More ›
23 Apr 2014
One aspect of integration in the European Union has been obscured by the post-Maastricht dramas. This is about the need to overcome difficulties between business philosophies and managerial cultures. There are radically divergent concepts of companies as entities and what... Read More ›
22 Apr 2014
Paul Sparrow, professor of international human resources management at Lancaster University, expects HR departments to fragment. He argues that CEOs will in future be less concerned about which functions people report to. They will value connections and influence over projects... Read More ›
17 Apr 2014
There are a few places left at our free employment law updates in London and Manchester this June. To book yours, e-mail
17 Apr 2014
Organisations have structures for a reason. Getting that structure right is important. This book is about the basics of good organisational structure. It is based on a belief that all businesses and institutions should default to the simplest design possible.... Read More ›

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Collinson Grant helps clients to recognise and mitigate risks. To assess the risk profile of the business, we focus on organisation, process, people and costs. Our work results in greater efficiency and higher profits.

We restructure complex businesses in many sectors; turn round performance at struggling operations; improve efficiency in the public sector; and secure better returns from investments. Collinson Grant emphasises results. Our aim is to give clients a financial return worth ten times the amount they spend on our services.

We only recommend action if we believe it will lead to a sustained improvement. We are not afraid to give bad news, or to champion ideas that may not be welcome.

Our consultants are senior managers who have held top operational roles with full responsibility for profit and loss. We support clients in implementing our recommendations and have the skills to completely restructure a business.